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Project Background

Nowadays, trading is getting harder everywhere.

There are people who want to buy from China,

some can't find product, some find very high price,

some don't know how to buy,

some don't know how to choose product.

Traditional trading companies is facing slow growth and falling profits.

At the same time, the cost of finding new orders is increasing year by year, but the speed and efficiency of new customer development is not as good as before. Some foreign trade companies with poor conditions have already experienced serious layoffs and stagnation.

The current booming global e-commerce, especially cross-border e-commerce, provides unprecedented opportunities for foreign trade companies to develop, and also gives foreign trade companies a new opportunity for development.

And yet the famous B2B and B2C websites making it easier in a certain way,but a “burn cash”way.

There is rules to learn,there are cultural barrier,after this,exposure and flow is hard to get. And traditional foreign trade is in cross-border e-commerce. It is not suitable for the development of small and medium-sized foreign trade companies.


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