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Fuel Filter Related Products

Diesel fuel filter

Diesel filter structure is roughly the same as the oil filter, a removable and spin pack type two kinds. But its work under pressure and oil temperature resistant requirement was much lower than oil filter, and the requirements of the filtration efficiency is much higher than the oil filter. Diesel filter filter using filter paper, and a felt or polymer materials.

Diesel filter and can be divided into diesel oil water separator, fuel fine filter. The most important function of oil-water separator is the separation of the water in the diesel. Water great harm for diesel engine fuel supply systems, corrosion, wear, stuck, and even worsen diesel combustion process. Due to the higher sulfur content of diesel fuel in China, the combustion occurs, even generate sulfuric acid corrosion and water reaction engine parts. Traditional way of after water is mainly the precipitation, structure through a funnel. The above three emissions of engine puts forward higher requirements to water separation, high requirements will need to adopt high performance of the filter medium.

Diesel fuel fine filter is used to filter tiny particles in the diesel, the above three emissions of diesel engines mainly for 3 to 5 micron particle filtration efficiency.

Fuel filter

Fuel filter has the branch of carburetor and efi,

Using the carburetor petrol engine, fuel filter in the oil transfer pump inlet side, working pressure is small, generally adopts nylon case, efi engine fuel filter is located on the export side of the oil transfer pump, the working pressure is higher, often use a metal shell. The fuel filter filter using filter paper, and a use of nylon fabric, high polymer material.

Fuel filter because of gasoline engine combustion mode and diesel engine is different, the overall than diesel filter demanding, so the price is cheap.

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